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Why Does My Partner Get Self-Conscious When I Compliment Her?

There are 3 men who typically compliment their partners under different circumstances. 2 of them are doing it all wrong. The insecurity Man #1: his girlfriend walks into the room. She looks at herself in the mirror and says, “I need to lose some weight....

How to Know and Show Your Value In the Dating World

Rather than focus on the type of man you want in your life, focus on creating the type of relationship you value. What’s the difference? Focusing on the man puts emphasis on him. Focusing on creating your relationship puts the emphasis on you. You can’t...

The Key to Better Day-to-Day Conversation With Your Partner

Treat the following tip like a knife and fork, your most basic tool. You may have to be intentional at first about learning how to use it, but once you understand, it'll be like second nature. These techniques should be an extension of yourself. That said,...

Sneaking Into a New York Rooftop Party

It's not a secret: doing stupid stuff is a big part of childhood. It helps with self-discovery, the learning process. But why then, do we stop doing those things as adults? Is it because we know have nothing left to learn? Obviously not, but many–most–of...

Men Love Chasing and Other Things That Don’t Work

If you’re dating, single, in a relationship, or already married, you probably know: men love chasing women. Not true? A man may have an aversion to the feeling of rejection, uncertainty, or frustration with not achieving what he thinks is his desired...

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