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Typically, I get Melaya all to myself two days a week. On those days, I get to play stat-at-home dad!

My least favorite part of this game is actually staying home, so here are 6 activities any stay at home dad can do.

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1) Go for a walk

But I don’t just mean go for a walk. Go to somewhere you’ve never seen before, somewhere that’s always been so elusive, so different that your wife would never go with you. You’ve got a place in mind, don’t you? Take your kids there, and show them that you’re the superhero they always knew you were. Just remember to bring diapers and/or food.

2) Take Them to Grandma and Grandpa

No, I don’t mean leave them there! Your kids love your parents, even if they still cramp your style. There’s hardly anything your kids would rather do than hang out with all of you together. But, be really in the moment and do something everyone (except possibly you) will enjoy.

3) Grab a Pint

Who said kids don’t like beer/spending time with dad? Let’s finally break that taboo. Could be a history lesson, right?

4) #yourcity (I know I keep using it, I love this one)

Not sure what to do or where to go? Search Instagram for #yourcity (#london for me), and go wherever the last picture was taken.

5) Spend All Day Insisting Nonexistent Stuff is Real.

Look at that tree, isn’t it beautiful? Why does that dog keep barking?

Do mermaids exist? Of course they do! Should we try and find one?

Oh, kids love being tricked..

Joking, but seriously this playful attitude will bond you together, and it’s not just entertaining for them. It is for you too.

6) Let Them Help Make Dinner for Mom.

Two regular and one baby lamb burger.

Most kids like feeling helpful. Just realize that it’s a fun, bonding activity, just like all the rest, and it is going to take extra time.

Make sure everything is cleaned up before mom gets home. Mom will appreciate dinner being done, but she won’t appreciate the kitchen being a mess.

I hope this list inspires you to make up your own. Being a stay-at-home dad, or a stay-at-home mom can leave you pulling your hair out, especially if you think everything is supposed to go a certain way. It can leave you bored and looking for answers if you always do the same thing.

Be calm. Be flexible. Be spontaneous. Prioritize and enjoy your kids, because you only get so much time with them.

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