Author: Christian and Deborah

How to Argue With Your Partner

Conflict is healthy. Fighting? Maybe not so much. We all have spats every now and then, and that’s healthy. If two people agreed 100% of the time, they wouldn’t make a progressive couple, because each would bring the exact same perspective into the partnership as the other. Likewise, if one partner just goes along with everything the other says, the needs of the first will be oppressed and the second will never become better. Conflict is healthy, because it helps us think critically, and it helps us experience different perspectives. But you have to approach conflict constructively. How to...

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Six Reasons We Decided to Commit to One Another

It’s been one of those days when me and Deborah just look into each other’s eyes over the coffee table. We realized today that we’ve been together for two and a half years. So much has happened in that time. It makes us think of what made us so certain about each other in the first place—for each to want to spend the rest of our lives with the other. It’s the discussion of common goals early on in the relationship that really cemented our love. Some of the goals are coming true. For example, our baby. For some,...

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Our End of Year Productivity Push:

Personal Goals to Work Toward Before the New Year

I look at Deborah in the middle of our conversation, and say, “hold on, could it be that we haven’t updated our blog in two months?” She looked back at me, and we’re both scared to admit it, but with the nod of each of our heads, we try and think back to the last article we wrote. It’s not like we dread writing blog posts. It’s actually a really enjoyable process. Coming up with a theme, discussing a topic, and then putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard or whatever. But things come up…or is that just...

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A Holiday Romance that Led to Marriage and a Happily Ever After

“So where did you guys meet?” The question sounded friendly, but the person sitting across from me was about to make an important decision: was my daughter an American citizen? “We met in Mexico,” I said hurriedly and without any added information. My tone was decidedly less friendly. I knew I didn’t have anything to worry about or hide, but these sorts of legal situations just make me nervous. “Oh, so are you Mexican?” The woman asked my wife Deborah, again with an amicable tone. “No, I’m Swedish,” Deborah answered with a relaxed look on her face. I was...

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Melaya’s Birth Story
Our 3-Hour Natural Birth Story

“Births are all kind of like that, aren’t they?” I asked Deborah, eyes still on my laptop. Deborah, sprawled out across the couch and faced directly at the TV, just sort of smirked, “no of course not.” I lifted my head out of the computer and squinted with my eyebrows. My face felt visibly puzzled. We had been watching a British show called, One Born Every Minute. Some documentary makers just follow couples as they go into labor. There’s an ad that kind of looks like the show. It plays every commercial break right before the show returns from...

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